Express delivery and guaranteed freshness

Many of you ask questions about the transport and freshness of oysters before placing an order on our site. It's quite normal to ask yourself about this. We bring you here the answers to all your questions.


In their natural environment, oysters live at the rhythm of the tides and sometimes spend up to 12 hours a day out of the water. They are therefore used to living without water, in a hostile and non-refrigerated environment. They have learned to keep a water reserve in their shells and wait patiently for the next tide.

As a result, oysters are relatively resistant to transport, provided they meet the following two criteria:

1. Oysters must not lose their water supply

Because without their precious water reserve, oysters can not live very long.

2. Oysters must not suffer thermal shock

It is ecessary to avoid any sudden change of temperature, whether hot or cold.


Your orders are packed with the utmost care. A specific packaging, in compliance with the hygiene standards, guarantees you to receive your order in perfect condition.

Our oysters can be preserved :

At the bottom of the fridge or cool place
Storage between 7 ° C and 15 ° C
Optimum consumption from the moment of purchase and not to exceed preferably 1 week.

ATTENTION : After opening, consume within two hours.

Our Company uses the services of CHRONOPOST :

Chrono temp from October 1st to April 30th.
Chrono Fresh from May 1st to September 30th.

Deliveries are guaranteed from Tuesday to Saturday.

Orders placed from Monday to Friday until 9:00 will be delivered within 24 hours the next day between 8:00 am and 1:00 pm with the possibility to choose the delivery date.

Orders placed after 9am will be delivered within 48h either the next day between 8am and 1pm except on Friday or the delivery will be on Tuesday between 8am and 1pm with the possibility of choosing its delivery date.

No delivery will be provided on Sundays, Mondays as well as public holidays and days after public holidays.